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Korea Small Business Institute(KOSI) is the research institution for the sustainable development of SMEs.
Opening a bright and healthy
future for the economy,
SMEs and start-ups of Korea
Be the First to
seek out the new
Gain an
Accurate vision
Respond Fast
and promptly
Find Alternatives
and make changes
First Read market shifts
and seek out various
policy demands
  • Providing preemptive market change analysis for accurate issue-finding
  • Conducting research planning on the medium- to long-term future development strategies and policy issues
Accurate Gain accurate insight
based on data
  • Strengthening research reliability based on quantitative data analysis and prediction
  • Expanding policy research platforms to support policy-making and evaluation
Fast Respond fast and
promptly with highly
impactful policies
  • Increasing policy utilization through forminga chain-link,connecting research, policy, legislation, and the field
  • Strengthening policy communicationto improve the check-up system for current issues and improve on-site impact
Alternative Change the growth
paradigm of SMEs
and start-ups
  • Establishing both a foundation and strategy for future-oriented corporate growth
  • Making preemptive proposals of legislationsystemic improvements in accordance with shifts in the environment

77, Sindaebang 1ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07074 Korea.
TEL : 02-707-9800FAX : 02-707-9892

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